Customer executives don't buy solutions; they buy the impact of solutions on their company's business initiatives and financial metrics.

Customer executives aren't primarily focused on solving problems; that responsibility is delegated down into the organization. Instead, customer executives want to implement business initiatives. To build credibility, a sales team needs to reframe the value of their solution in a way that demonstrates the impact on the business outcomes targeted by the customer executive.

Our CXO Facilitators have been C-level executives so they understand the executive's mindset and orientation to achieving business outcomes. During the workshop, our CXO Facilitators help participants map solutions and articulate value in language that is relevant and meaningful to a customer executive.

Mapping Solution Impact and Reframing Value

Our learning curriculum guides sales teams to leverage deeper customer insights by reframing how they articulate the impact of their solutions during selling interactions with customer executives.  Participants learn how to map the attributes of their product and services to the key business initiatives and financial metrics of the customer.  Participants also learn how to integrate “executive-sticky” customer success stories to demonstrate solution value in the customer executive’s language of business.

We provide a framework, template tools, examples and practice opportunities to assist in this learning process.

Customized Solution Map examples for clients

We provide customized examples of Solution Maps for our clients.  These sales enablement resources are integrated into our learning curriculum to make learning relevant for participants.