Sales teams often wonder what customer executives are thinking when they leave the room, hang up the phone, or read the business case proposal. Now they can stop wondering. Our learning experience provides participants an opportunity to engage customer executives and hear what they are thinking.

Our CXO Facilitators were C-level executives who:

  • Received thousands of prospecting emails, voicemails, and letters from sales people
  • Participated in thousands of prospecting phone conversations and 1:1 meetings
  • Sat through hundreds of presentations and product demos
  • Scanned hundreds of RFPs and executive summary proposals sent from sales teams.

They use this experience engaging sales teams from the other side of the desk, along with our FASTcred™ Selling framework, to provide constructive, real-time feedback and coaching in a safe learning environment.

Practice Developing Messages to accelerate credibility with executives

Our FASTcred™ Selling framework guides sales teams through the message development phase.  Participants in our learning curriculum learn how to develop executive-centric messages to:

  • Open, close and sustain 1 on 1 conversations with customer executives
  • Respond to questions, probes, and objections
  • Construct prospecting emails and voicemails to improve response rates
  • Conduct hallway chance encounters
  • Write executive summary proposals to convey customer acumen and demonstrate solution impact

Practice Delivering Messaging in a variety of selling interactions

Our learning curriculum is designed to provide participants an opportunity to practice delivering executive-centric messaging in a variety of different selling interactions:

  • Gaining executive access through intermediaries
  • Prospecting through emails, voicemails, and letters
  • 1:1 meetings and hallway conversations
  • Formal presentations including demos
  • Written proposals and executive summaries

Learn how to Tailor Messages to Different Executive Personas

Our CXO Facilitators leverage their C-level experience and provide insights into different executive personas and buying behaviors:

  • Differences in executive roles, responsibilities, preferences, language and orientation
  • Politics in the C-suite and implications for sales teams
  • Executives compensation incentives and motivations for change
  • What sales teams can do to influence executive-level thinking
  • How sales teams can deliver a personal ROI in every selling interaction

During the workshop, participants are provided ample opportunities to practice tailoring and delivering messages aligned  to different executive personas.