Customer executives want to engage with sales teams who offer them unique insights that will help accelerate specific business outcomes; one-size-fits-all "generic" insights won't sustain their attention. To accelerate credibility, insights need to be tailored to apply to the customer and its industry.

In the mind of a customer executive, the potential value of a sales team is directly proportional to the depth of their understanding and insight of the customer and the industry in which it competes. This places an additional pre-call preparation responsibility on the sales team to deepen their company-specific customer acumen.

Our blended learning curriculum puts the customer at the center of all activities and assignments. Participants walk away from our program with deeper insights on a target customer as well as the ability to replicate the same acumen-building approach with other customers in the field.

Turning Customer Acumen Into Customer Insights

Participants in our learning curriculum learn how and where to quickly identify the focus business priorities for a customer account:

  • The key business initiatives on the radar screen of company executives
  • The key financial metrics targeted by company executives

Then, participants learn to add depth to this customer acumen by analyzing:

  • The financial performance trends of the customer compared with peers in its industry
  • The critical success factors directly related to the business initiatives of the customer

The outcome of this learning activity generates deeper customer insights, which are used to map relevant solutions and demonstrate impact.

Insights on Public Companies

Publicly-traded companies pose a simultaneous opportunity and challenge for sales teams.  The opportunity is to benefit from all of the information that is available.  The challenge is the sheer volume of information to digest, most of which is a waste of time for a sales team.

Our learning curriculum reduces time-to-insight by providing a road map to navigate the avalanche of publicly-available information.  Participants in our eLearning learn where to go to get the best actionable insights and what to look for when they get there.

Insights on Private Companies

Privately-held companies present an especially challenging situation for territory reps and other members of the sales teams needing to generate unique customer insights. The good news is there are specific actions the sales team can take to deepen insights on private companies.

Our learning curriculum guides sales teams to high-value source documents most sellers don’t realize exist for private companies. In addition, participants learn how to deepen customer insights when company-specific information is scarce.

Insights on Vertical Industries

Customer executives expect sales teams to understand their company in the context of its industry.  Developing vertical industry acumen presents sales teams with an opportunity to offer unique insights that will build credibility with customer executives.

Our learning curriculum offers industry-centric learning paths that will help participants build industry acumen and insights.  The eLearning component provides resources and insights for nine different vertical industries:

  • Financial Services|Banking
  • Healthcare Providers|Hospitals
  • Healthcare Payers
  • Life Science|Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy|Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Retailers
  • Insurance (non-health)
  • Service Providers

In addition to the industry resources and insights provided in the eLearning, we can customize the workshop that follows for the vertical industry focus of participants.