Business acumen is a foundational sales skill for accelerating credibility with customer executives. It encompasses financial acumen, industry acumen, and company-specific customer acumen.

Customer executives like to surround themselves with trusted advisors who consistently deliver high levels of business acumen and actionable insights into their company and its competitive position in the industry. The best way for a sales team to build credibility with a customer executive is to convey business acumen at the outset of a selling interaction.

Our blended learning curriculum starts the process of building business acumen with self-paced eLearning. The workshop and coaching reinforces these skills and provides participants with multiple opportunities to practice demonstrating business acumen in simulation role plays with our CXO Facilitators.

Financial Acumen

Our learning content focuses on financial acumen skills that are relevant to sales teams.  It guides participants through pre-call preparation activities to:

  • Identify the focus financial metrics of a company
  • Analyze the financial performance of a company and identify areas for improvement
  • Map the financial impact of a solution to a company’s key financial metrics
  • Select customer success testimonials that best demonstrate the financial impact of solutions

A resource center supports the application of financial acumen skills to real customer accounts:

  • Lists of common key financial metrics by industry and examples of how they can be positively impacted
  • Overviews and maps of the key financial statements, categories and line items
  • Primers on financial statements, where to find them and how to use them
  • Primers on ROI investment analyses and examples of how sales teams can influence the outcomes

Industry Acumen

We help sales teams quickly build industry acumen by focusing on research source documents, unique financial statement presentation, common key business initiatives and financial metrics for companies operating in nine different vertical industries:

  • Financial Services|Banking
  • Healthcare Providers|Hospitals
  • Healthcare Payers
  • Life Science|Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy|Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Retailers
  • Insurance (non-health)
  • Service Providers

In addition to the industry resources provided, we can customize workshops for the vertical industry focus of participants.

Customer Acumen

We believe business acumen is best learned by applying it to real companies so we ask participants to select a customer and complete assignments to:

  • Identify key business initiatives and financial metrics that are important for that customer
  • Analyze the financial performance of the customer compared with its industry peers
  • Analyze the critical success factors associated with business initiatives for that customer

In the workshop, participants demonstrate their customer acumen by incorporating it into simulation role play interactions with our CXO Facilitators.